Case Study

A national mass retailer promotes holiday offers and drives great ROI.  


The client wanted to drive significant sales for its stores during the holiday season. 


WorkPlace Impact’s primary solution was tapping into its proprietary network of businesses and their employees to make the client’s advertising stand out among the normal holiday clutter. A key factor in the strategy for the program was its timing during the holiday season. By reaching at-work consumers during this time, the client was positioned to capture money from competitors during the heightened spending behavior of at-work consumers who rely on the drive to/from work and breaks to complete holiday purchases. Additionally, this client made the offers available at all locations, which made it convenient for consumers commuting longer distances, thus giving them the choice of whether to use it close to work or close to home. Another key factor in the success of the program was that the client had not reached the same businesses within three months, as doing so typically dilutes response since programs spaced too close together lose their special appeal in the workplace.  


The client was thrilled with the positive ROI this program generated. Additionally, over 45% of the response to the program was generated in the last three weeks of the program, thus indicating the importance of providing working consumers with enough time to utilize the offers. The client also saw a higher-than-expected transaction size—$40 higher than the minimum threshold to redeem the certificates.