Retail is a numbers game. With a direct line to more than 60 million consumers at over one million businesses, WorkPlace Impact can get your registers ringing.

Employees shop at work.

A dot-com coupon site reports more than half of all workers shop online at their workplace. Plus, 31% will visit a retail store at some point during their workday. Reaching consumers at work, as they are making personal purchasing decisions, can be a critical point of influence.

Seasonal Opportunities.

Whether it's flu season, back-to-school, a holiday or an existing promotional sale on your marketing calendar, WorkPlace Impact can help you synchronize with these annual opportunities and capitalize on the needs of your customers at those particular times of the year.

New Markets? New Locations? Get new customers.

As you add markets and locations, sophisticated WorkPlace Impact targeting capabilities allow you to efficiently connect to businesses in the immediate area. Our combination of demographic factors and consumer counts based on area density and proximity have proven to be more successful than standard geographic radius or DMA alone.

Client Showcase

Leading brands who have utilized WorkPlace Impact programs include:

New Keller Fay Study: Water Cooler Report: The Impact of Word-of-Mouth Among Workplace Talkers


Water Cooler Report

Download your FREE copy today. Find out which retail brands are talked about most often at work. Prepared by Keller Fay, a market research company focused on word-of-mouth influence.

Make an impact

Use a fully-customized WorkPlace Impact program to:

  • Acquire new customers
  • Increase sales and traffic
  • Promote grand openings
  • Reach working women
  • Connect with educators
  • Boost transactions at underperforming stores 
  • Promote health & wellness programs (eg: flu shots, weight management)
  • Drive seasonal sales (eg: flu, allergy, holiday, etc.)
  • Capture consumer insights

We'll work to meet any objective you have.

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