WorkPlace Impact and restaurants go together like burgers and fries. Like soup and salad. Like wings and beer. Well, you get the picture.

Make a lunch suggestion

A survey by Visa found American workers go out for lunch twice a week. But a Brandweek report indicated 69% of those workers don't decide what they'll eat until just before their lunch break. WorkPlace Impact can put your brand in front of them at just the right time to influence this last-minute decision.

We work beyond 9-to-5.

WorkPlace Impact can help drive business during all key day part segments—including promoting breakfast to employees commuting to work and recommending take-out dinner options for working moms on their way home.

New Markets? New Locations? Get new customers.

As you add markets and locations, sophisticated WorkPlace Impact targeting capabilities allow you to efficiently connect to businesses in the immediate area. Our combination of demographic factors and consumer counts based on area density and proximity have proven to be more successful than standard geographic radius or DMA alone.

Client Showcase

Leading brands who have utilized WorkPlace Impact programs include:

New Keller Fay Study: Water Cooler Report: The Impact of Word-of-Mouth Among Workplace Talkers


Water Cooler Report

Download your FREE copy today. Find out which restaurant brands are talked about most often at work. Prepared by Keller Fay, a market research company focused on word-of-mouth influence.

Make an impact

Use a fully-customized WorkPlace Impact program to:

  • Increase lunch traffic
  • Enhance local store marketing
  • Promote grand openings
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reach specific employees (eg: teachers, doctors)
  • Support your community (eg: student rewards, libraries)
  • Lift traffic at underperforming locations
  • Protect against new competitors
  • Promote happy hour
  • Boost catering

We'll work to meet any objective you have.

Restaurant Success Story