Time for some action. WorkPlace Impact makes it happen for CPG brands—everything from generating buzz to garnering the buy.

Personally introduce yourself to 60 million friends.

Sampling and marketing opportunities from WorkPlace Impact offer Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers the opportunity to drive hands-on brand engagement with a vast audience of consumers who have disposable income.

Give them something to talk about.

By nature, the work environment creates a shared experience for employees. Inserting your brand into that environment spurs conversation about your brand amongst co-workers. And person-to-person influence still outranks all other marketing sources available today.

Influence the path to purchase.

A recent survey shows that 93.8% of working moms/women regularly/occasionally purchase groceries on the drive to/from work or during lunch. This suggests that they are planning what they will buy during the workday. Get your brand on the shopping list by intercepting them early in the path to purchase.

Client Showcase

Leading brands who have utilized WorkPlace Impact programs include:

New Keller Fay Study: Water Cooler Report: The Impact of Word-of-Mouth Among Workplace Talkers


Water Cooler Report

Download your FREE copy today. Find out which CPG brands are talked about most often at work. Prepared by Keller Fay, a market research company focused on word-of-mouth influence.

Make an impact

Use a fully-customized WorkPlace Impact program to:

  • Activate purchase (shopper marketing)
  • Drive trial/awareness of new products
  • Launch experiential marketing programs
  • Generate buzz/word of mouth
  • Mobilize millions of brand ambassadors
  • Target key audiences(eg: millennials, moms, women)
  • Capture consumer insights

We'll work to meet any objective you have.

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