We know how to work it.

WorkPlace Impact gives brands direct access to the largely untapped customer-at-work channel.

Step 1

Share Your Goals

Tell us your marketing goals, key consumer audience segments and if you want your campaign to be local, regional or national.

Step 2

We'll Share Ideas

WorkPlace Impact will suggest services and ideas to excite consumers and generate response. Tactics commonly utilized to engage consumers at work include:

  • Coupon Distribution
  • Promotional Displays (posters, table tents, clings, etc.)
  • Sampling Programs
  • Interaction Events & Word-of-Mouth Buzz
  • Research & Consumer Insight
  • Digital Touchpoints

Step 3

Find the Right Fit

We want your efforts to be efficient and effective. Taking into account your budget and targeting parameters, our targeting experts will pull counts of consumers at work so you can see your exact coverage and reach within our network of over one million businesses.

Step 4

Put Your Brand to Work

Your campaign materials will be sent to each business in your WorkPlace Impact plan. Our contact (typically a human resource professional) within each business will then distribute them based on your instructions—in-person, via interoffice mail or electronically. 

Step 5

See the Success

Once your campaign is launched, get ready to track redemptions, visits, sales, social media buzz and more. WorkPlace Impact clients often report better ROI than traditional media vehicles. For example, WorkPlace Impact programs cost less than solo direct mail efforts and typically generate double or triple the response of shared mail vehicles.


See why consumers at work present a great opportunity for marketers.